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Time to replatform

Beyond Retail have been working with Gibe for many years on their website Tap Warehouse which is powered by Umbraco and Gibecommerce (our bespoke .NET ecommerce platform).

Sensibly wary to put their eggs in one Basket Beyond Retail decided, when they launched Drench and Only Radiators to try out Magento to A/B test the two platforms. After a few years they decided the most sensible option was to replatform all their sites onto GibeCommerce and Umbraco.

GibeCommerce has proven itself to be faster, more easily customised and cost effective.  

In their own words

"Replatforming to GCOM has given Only Radiators a new lease on life.

Since the new site went live our bounce rate has decreased by 22%, average page load time is down 25%, and our conversion rate is up a lovely 61% across device types.

Mobile and tablet performance has always been a weak point for us, and the replatform has helped us turn that mobile-frown upside-down. Our mobile conversion rate is up 74%, and our tablet conversion rate is up an impressive 125%.

Things are heating up for Only Radiators, and it's got a lot to do with Gibecommerce and Gibe Digital."

Frode Myklebust, Head of Ecommerce at Beyond Retail

Some key features

Only Radiators is plugged into Beyond Retail’s order management system and takes hundreds of orders from happy customers daily.

As part of the initial build we introduced better support for bundle products, Umbraco Forms, multi-option variants to make picking complicated products simpler and a slicker UI for previewing colours and finishes. This is on top of existing versatile full product, catalogue and stock management, customer order and payment handling, CMS, discounts, Googleshopping and many more features.

A future of continuous improvement

Now that Only Radiators, Tap Warehouse and Drench are all on the same platform, with a shared underlying codebase, making changes and keeping all three sites has never been easier.

Beyond Retail are committed to continuous improvement. Regularly we work together to A/B test new features and trialling new functionality. Whilst not every experiment wins, the investment in making the customer journey pays for itself, as a great user experience and slick site directly equate to sales.

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