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A successful venture

Gibe was tasked to design and develop an ecommerce website to further drive sales and increase transactions as well as give Tap Warehouse the brand credibility they had earned.

Tap Warehouse was a brand new company back in 2011, set up by Island Bathrooms, a bathroom retailer based in southern England. With over 35 years’ experience they identified there is a large and lucrative market selling taps directly to UK consumers at discounted prices. Tap Warehouse’s huge success went from startup to a rapid-growth enterprise in no time at all and now they’re selling some 15,000+ SKUs online.

“Gibe have completed two ecommerce sites for us over the past 2 years, as well as various on-going updates and improvements that arise as our business develops. We would more than happily recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that delivers strong results and good value-for-money.”

Elliot Lees-Bell, E-commerce Manager

The website has performed well

Tap Warehouse partnered up with Gibe at the beginning to create a brand for their first ever online store.

The website outperformed all of it’s KPIs in the first 12 months of being in business. The new website needed to work even harder and, with the tallest aspirations including a delivery infrastructure like Amazon, the technical challenge behind this project was not one to be taken lightly.

About the website

The site is built on Gibecommerce and provides sophisticated administration tools so Tap Warehouse staff can manage products, stock, orders, customer details and site content easily and conveniently. An effective search designed to auto-suggest search terms, as well as the thousands of refine combinations, allows users access to products in seconds.

The core Gibecommerce system has been further enhanced so that the highly configurable bathroom suites can be sold using the normal administration system. Users can upgrade individual elements of a bathroom suite using the simple onsite tools. We redeveloped the search allowing users to enter partial or misspelt terms to find the product they are looking for.

We gave Tap Warehouse the tools to go the extra mile. The super fast product management tool can handle 1000’s of bulk-product updates and product uploads, which means less waiting and instant updates to the website. We developed a sophisticated split-shipment delivery tool that gives customers the opportunity to select convenient delivery options and uses stock levels straight out of Brightpearl ERP to tell the customer when to expect their order.


In 2016, Tap Warehouse continued to smash the previous years trading performance with a 68% increase in both transactions and revenue and a 4% increase in conversion rate to boot. This is off the back off a solid growth in users at 54% and sessions at 58%. Bounce rate also dropped nearly 18% and pageviews up 61% showing greater engagement with the brand and proposition.