Meet the Noob!

Meet the Noob!

I’m Lucy and I’m now in my 3rd week at Gibe as a Junior Developer.

My background is in Physics and I first came across coding in my first year at university. I was fascinated by this completely new and vast world and ended up doing a fair amount of coding in C++ (amongst other languages) throughout my degree.

I’ve recently got back from 2 years of travelling/working around during which, despite being in some really cool places, it was weirdly enjoyable to ignore the nice scenery for a bit to get behind my laptop and teach myself HTML, CSS & Javascript. 

I’ve been super interested in web technologies for the last year and now I’m very excited to be turning this hobby into the start of my career!

During my first few weeks at Gibe I’ve been taken under Sophie’s wing. She has showed me how to test various client sites before they go live. This has been a great way to get to know the clients, how Gibe works as a company as well as the various software Gibe uses.

There genuinely is a great feel at Gibe which has made me feel welcome and part of the team very quickly. In my first week, Karl kindly organised a scavenger hunt around Bristol which was so much fun. I am also loving the breakfast, fruit and biscuits provided at the office!

Looking forward to getting stuck into some development projects and becoming a useful member of the team.

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Lucy Quantick, Junior Developer

Lucy is a Junior Developer at Gibe. She is very interested in web technologies and getting stuck into the world of code!