So it was my turn to organise the work social. With an eclectic team, I did wonder how I was going to please them all. After much thought, planning and lack of sleep, I planned a fun filled evening with Rock Climbing, oversized cheesy (and vegan) burgers, finished off with a comedy gig! What more could one want on a windy Thursday evening in April?!

To begin the night, we headed to Redpoint Climbing Centre in Bedminster to take part in the 'Crazy Climb'. I know what you're thinking, what is the 'Crazy climb'? Well, it's a 'crazy' obstacle course of climbing challenges, from flashy light up volcanoes to teetering towers. Initially, we were all slightly unsure of what to expect, there was certainly some nervous laughter when we first arrived in the room, that soon turned to sheer horror for some that were scared of heights.

The instructor soon arrived and we started the obstacle course with joint excitement and fear.

I was first up (after being 'kindly' pushed by Sophie to be the first volunteer), I was going to volunteer anyway... honest. We soon moved our way around the course and all thoroughly enjoyed it, some more than others, and one was clearly Spiderman in disguise! 

After the climbing, we devoured a huge amount of meat, cheese, baconnaise and fries at Oowee Burger, (no photos to share here as I don't think anyone would want to have seen the food carnage).

We then headed over to the Hen and Chicken Comedy Box to watch the stand up comedian Simon Munnery. His set was packed with songs and poems, along with his own take on topics such as capitalism, under tent heating attempts and the problems of plumbing.

All in all, it was a good night out and VERY civilised for once. We are all feeling fresh today, albeit a little achy.

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Catherine Todd, Producer

Catherine is a Producer at Gibe with experience working with some top brands across the marketing sector. She keeps busy with project and account management working side by side with the tech team to ensure the project hits the nail on the head in terms of requirements and expectations.