Escape the maze

Yesterday the team from Gibe came across an old, creepy looking hostel and decided to enter. What a mistake that was – we were taken hostage! Cuffed in pairs, in the dark and gloom and in sweltering temperatures we found ourselves locked in, with only 60 minutes to escape.

Fortunately the only real danger we were in was of over thinking things.

We were doing one of those escape game complexes that have become popular across most cities in the UK.

What is an escape game? The answer is we’re locked in a room (or rooms) at a themed location, the clock is set to an hour and as a team you must work together to solve puzzles and search for clues to work out a door code to escape within the hour.

There are a few of these companies about. We went with City Mazes who have converted an abandoned warehouse into three games. ‘The Abandoned Office’ which involves more logical problem solving, the harder ‘Hostage Hostel’, which involves being handcuffed in pairs whilst trying to solve such puzzles and ‘Bunker Blowout where you have to blow your way out of Bunker 9!

We naturally went for the hardest on offer, “Hostage Hostel”. I’m not sure if it was because we like a challenge or we liked the handcuffs (to note, they are disappointingly not furry!)

We made it out with 10 minutes to spare. I would like to say without asking for any clues but that would be a lie.

Next time we’ll try it without clues! We’d highly recommend giving one of these a try. They are ideal for a team event, or a stag/hen do, or just a fun thing to do with a group of friends. Highly addictive, I could easily see myself trying the other mazes in Bristol and in other cities given the chance.

Check out their website and Facebook and why not book your own a-maze-ing experience!

About the Author

Hugh Parr-Burman, Head of Production

Hugh is our Head of Production with over 15 years of experience in the digital and marketing sector. He's passionate about great project delivery and loves the "big picture" view as well as getting stuck into the fine detail.