Gibe embark on another scavenger hunt

Once again the people of Bristol have been ambushed as the Gibe 2017 Scavenger Hunt took place.

What was the prize? As in previous hunts - pride.

On the evening of Wednesday 30th August 2017 the team at Gibe were split into two - The Mighty Team A vs The Great Team 1.


Team A - KP, Karl, Kat, Kes and Tristan

Team 1 - Hugh, Steve, Becs, Zia and Jonathan

The rules

The rules of a scavenger hunt are simple:

Each team has a number of set tasks to achieve. Some tasks have different difficulty levels and all tasks, if completed, earn points.

So for example:
- Photo of your group with a train - 10 points
- On a train - 25 points
- On a train, with a member of the train crew/staff - 50 points

- Photo of a group member in a phone box - 10 points
- All of your group in a phone box - 25 points
- All of your group in a phone box... with a random stranger - 50 points

And so on...

Of course rules control the fun!

Absolutely no stealing - it's a scavenger hunt, not a crime spree.


No one in the group can know the strangers

You can't use items you already had in the office

Actually, that's pretty much it. Otherwise, it's all about creativity, ingenuity, and of course balancing completing the challenge vs. how much time each team wanted to spend in the pubs.

How did we do?

The tasks ranged from the victoriously to the impossible.

Getting a photo of our group or a photo with a wild animal was surprisingly easy (ducks and pigeons counted), whereas finding an A-list celebrity or a 3.5" floppy disk in Bristol is pretty hard (why can't Brad Pitt be visiting the west-country when you need him?)

Both teams performed brilliantly well at most challenges.

Team 1 gained a few extra points by finding someone willing to lend their pirate outfit to Becs (10 points)

Team A did well with the group photo on a train (25 points) and nearly snapped the secret photo of Team 1 without us noticing (50 points).

All teams managed to fit in plenty of rounds of drinks at various pubs - although with the clock ticking pints quickly devolved to half-points and finally to shots.

Team A kept the world up to date posting to #GibeHunt on Twitter. Team 1 was less sporting; having done this before Steve knew that Twitter posts could be used to track us down.

At 8:30 both teams met back in the middle of Queen Square. Balloons, beer-mats and photos galore in hand. We quickly moved on to the Prince Street Social for more drinks and much-deserved food (well for some - one of the challenges involved a fish & chip shop as well as finding a 4 scoop cone of ice-cream, some people were full!)

Team 1 emerged victoriously. Not that it really mattered, both teams had a brilliant time.

And as ever we look forward to the next Gibe social.

About the Author

Hugh Parr-Burman, Head of Production

Hugh is our Head of Production with over 15 years of experience in the digital and marketing sector. He's passionate about great project delivery and loves the "big picture" view as well as getting stuck into the fine detail.