Gibe scavenger hunt

On Thursday evening, the good people of Bristol were quite literally ambushed as the Gibe Scavenger Hunt took place (kindly organised by Karl). What was the prize? The prize was pride, an invisible medallion resting on the shoulders of those victorius. 26 tasks in hand, just over 2hrs time - who came up trumps...?

Team A (aka. the Cauliflowers) Karl, Steve, Olivia and Becs and Team B (aka. the Squirrellas) Nick, G and Pete were up against each other head to head. It was evident in the first ten minutes that both teams had very radical approaches. Team A took to the pub defeated by an impromptu rain shower, discussing the tasks in hand - slow and steady wins the race? Team B were out the door, quick to disappear into the streets of Bristol to get their challenges. The tasks were fantastic, ranging from the possible to the impossible: get a photo of your group infront of a boat (easy), a Hotcha mug (in Bristol... easy), get a photo of a group member in a shopping trolley (again, after a pint... easy). Get a Floppy disk (a completely lost cause). Just so you know, Wilkinson's definitely don't sell floppy disks, we anticipate they stopped in about 2003. The challenges even fuelled the competitive spirits who wanted to increase the total of their overrall points, photo of a group member shaking hands with a stranger was equal to 10pts, stranger has a beard 25pts, stranger has a beard and glasses was equal to the full 50pts!

Down to the rules...

  • You cannot own any of the items
  • Thou shalt definitely not steal to acquire your items
  • You cannot know any of the strangers
  • A picture with a famous celebrity, must be a real life person, and not a poster
  • The techie part: You must upload ALL your images via Dropbox through the mobile app

Dropbox uploads...

So we had to get some degree of DIGITAL into the social, otherwise it wouldn't be fun, right? So there was obviously some technical difficulties - with one member of the team uploading their whole mobile image library to Dropbox, but I won't drop in any names. Karl set the team up with access to a Dropbox folder, which through the mobile app we were able to directly upload all our images to. Dropbox is like the equivalent to the iCloud, it's online virtual memory and often comes pre-installed on new Samsung smart phones. (If you do have a Samsung it is worth signing up for a Dropbox account, they tend to hand out up to 50GB worth of memory as a special promotion speaking from first hand experience. I will write a separate blog post explaining how!). 

Dropbox aside, roll on the best part....the PHOTOS!

The winning team and their photos...

Team B the Squirrellas - Nick, G and Pete won with ticking off just over 18 of their tasks! Here are some of the pictures that were involved with the team's success..

Team A...

Team A took more of a laissez-faire approach to the whole thing and decided to check in at a couple of bars/pubs en route to 2nd place.



At 8:30pm the teams met back at the office, with necessary deductions enforced for any latecomers! Team A arrived in the office followed by Team B - who were out of breath, looking to sit down - it was clear that there were two very different attitudes to this competition!

Here are some more challenges that we succeeded in:

  • Photo of your group imitating the Beatles crossing Abbey Rd (50pts) achieved by both teams
  • A leaf (6 different kinds) - (50pts) was achieved by both teams
  • 10 different branded beer mats (50pts) - not as easy as you think. Thank you to the nearby pubs who were welcome to us nabbing a few!
  • A feather (10pts) - a guaranteed find in the indoors bit of St Nicholas' Market!

Despite some technical difficulties, uploading via Dropbox was a clever way of collecting up to date photographic evidence for the competition. If you've got a team waiting for a really fun social, compile a list of exciting and (often) outrageous tasks and give it a go!

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