The background

Let us tell you a bit about us...

Where to start...? Steve and I met in 1997 at the halls of residence for the University of the West of England. Steve was studying Software Engineering and I was on the Information Systems course.

At the end of the second year, Steve's coding skills got him a "too good to refuse" full time job at CTPi, an Information Management company in Cheltenham. A couple of years later, I also went to work for CTPi, which is now CDS.

In 2003 Steve went to work as a developer for E3 media in Bristol, an agency that I also took a role at in early 2004. Steve worked his way up to become Head of Technical and, in late 2006, left to start a freelance development career. I worked through the project management and client services ranks at E3 and left in May 2007 to become an Account Director at Dare, looking after the global Sony Ericsson account. In total Steve and I have worked together in various companies for more than 6 years.

Steve came to see me in London one sunny afternoon in August 2008 and mentioned that he'd got loads of freelance development work on in Bristol and had to hire another couple of freelancers to manage the business. The management of freelancers and clients meant Steve wasn't having much time to write code which is what he does best. This is where I came in. He asked me to think about setting up an agency with him.

About the Author

Pete Williams, Pete is co-founder and MD of Gibe

Pete's focus is on strategy, creating great relationships and products for all his clients. He believes attention to detail makes the difference in all things digital.