Yesterday Gibe’s QA team headed to The Paragon in Bristol city centre to South West Test Meet Up - a fun, friendly and engaging evening with fellow testers and those who have a curiosity with testing.

After the delicious pizza, beers and pleasantries with other members in the community we headed to our event space for the talks. 
A fantastic number turned up - 83 attendees in total - so lots of hellos and nice to meet yous!

The talks started with Richard Hinton a Senior Test Engineer at Nearform.
He spoke at great lengths on a wide variety of test ‘Pitfalls, Perils and Traps & Testabillity’

He covered topics from valuing ourselves, being proactive rather than reactive, making testing fun, being positive and becoming a quality coach.

- Higher value of self worth
- Clearer direction to get where you want to be in your career
- Awareness of common testing pitfalls
- How to avoid the traps
- Become a more effective tester
- Integrate better into dev teams

Following this we had a talk from Dan Edwards is an Engineering Lead, Matt Bailey is an SDET. Together they work at Lydtech Consulting where they advise on and implement solutions for Event Driven Architectures.

In their presentation they discussed when to use the right technology, if design decisions can make or break a project. The software may look cool but how testable is it?

They demo’d a project in which Testability was not considered, the impact this had on the project, the compromises made by the dev and test engineers, and how these issues could have been avoided.

Both talks invited very interesting Q&A segments and it was great to see so many folk getting involved, sharing and discussing ideas.

Then after a swift but fun raffle (no sadly we didn’t win anything!) the night was done.

Huge thanks to Samantha Miller for organising another great test event, it’s so lovely to see and be part of more event in the digital community.

If you are interested in the world of test then you can find out more about these events at: 

About the Author

Sophie Neale, Tester

Sophie's role as Tester is hugely important to the team, not only does she help us catch out any glitches on projects but she takes time to make suggestions on improvements.