Gibe starts work with Floris

In May 2011 we started working with Floris the London Perfumer. Floris is the world’s oldest family run perfumer and has been successfully trading since 1730 when the business was set up by Juan Famenias Floris.

Floris is a high end perfume maker that has had 16 royal warrants since it started trading. Today Floris holds two – as perfumers to HM Queen Elizabeth II and as manufacturers of toilet preparations to HRH Prince of Wales.

Floris approached Gibe to support and maintain their current ecommerce site that is built on the PHP based Magento platform. Gibe has started the relationship by migrating the current site to a new hosting infrastructure and is working with Floris on a development plan for 2011. This is likely to include a number of optimisation projects and well as the addition of new functionality. We're excited to be working with Floris and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

About the Author

Pete Williams, Pete is co-founder and MD of Gibe

Pete's focus is on strategy, creating great relationships and products for all his clients. He believes attention to detail makes the difference in all things digital.