Gibe makes a commitment to sustainability

In December 2022, Gibe took a significant step towards becoming a carbon neutral company by signing up with Ecologi. By offsetting the carbon footprint of all employees, Gibe is taking responsibility for the impact it has on the environment and working to reduce its carbon emissions.

This is just the beginning of Gibe's journey towards sustainability and social responsibility. The company has set its sights on becoming a B-Corp certified company in 2023, which is an accolade given to businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Becoming a B-Corp certified company requires a commitment to continuous improvement, with businesses required to re-certify every three years. This means that Gibe will be continually working to reduce its environmental impact and improve its social practices.

One of the key ways that Gibe is working towards B-Corp certification is by implementing sustainability initiatives throughout the company. This includes reducing energy consumption and waste, as well as sourcing materials and products from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers.

Another aspect of B-Corp certification is transparency, with businesses required to publicly disclose their social and environmental impact. Gibe is committed to being open and transparent about its sustainability efforts, and will be regularly sharing updates on its progress towards B-Corp certification.

In addition to these efforts, Gibe is also focused on supporting its employees. The company offers a range of benefits and programs designed to support the well-being of its team, including flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, and generous holiday allowances.

While becoming a carbon neutral and B-Corp certified company will be a challenge, it is one that Gibe is committed to tackling head on. The company recognises the importance of sustainability and social responsibility, and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

Gibe's journey towards carbon neutrality and B-Corp certification is just the beginning of its efforts to become a more sustainable and socially responsible company, and it is excited to see where this journey takes it.

You can visit our Ecologi page here and keep track of our progress


About the Author

Pete Williams, Pete is co-founder and MD of Gibe

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