Optimisation for better performance, greater conversion and an enhanced user experience

Gibe assumed responsibility for the Tottenham Hotspur website in November 2020, and were eager to address the challenges faced by the incumbent agency. Spurs needed a new partner to optimise the site, both in terms of performance and user experience. Our mission was to optimise code quality, enhance performance, and provide recommendations in key areas such as site performance, code optimisation, hosting configuration, and deployment processes. 

We implemented code and front-end optimisations, ranging from simple improvements to complex rewrites. The initial round of optimisations, launched in February 2021, resulted in an impressive 83% reduction in server response times, significantly reducing the strain on Spurs' web servers and enhancing the overall user experience.

To further elevate site performance, we established a new hosting infrastructure on modern servers at Azure. This not only accelerated the site's speed but also improved the user experience, particularly on mobile devices. The transition was seamless, staying within the existing hosting budget with zero downtime during the switch-over process.

The site suffered from lengthy, manual deployment processes causing downtime and user lockouts. To address this, we developed a suite of automatic deployment processes, ensuring zero downtime and reducing deployment time to under 15 minutes. This not only minimised disruptions and administrative frustrations but also significantly reduced the likelihood of human error during deployments.


Our collaboration extended beyond maintenance. We seamlessly integrated with a new mobile app by Yinzcam and incorporated the Sports Alliance MyPage for preference management. Additionally, we undertook the redevelopment of microsites for Premium offerings and visitor attractions via the new Stadium site, showcasing our versatility and commitment to Spurs' diverse digital landscape.

In early 2022, we successfully migrated the main site from Umbraco version 7 to version 8, resulting in notable improvements in performance and editor experience ensuring the Spurs' digital solution aligns with the latest LTS version of Umbraco.



"As Spurs' lead digital partner, we are actively planning a comprehensive overhaul of the site's search alongside upgrades to the Stadium website, F1 service offering and progressive site improvements, ensuring a dynamic and engaging online presence for fans and stakeholders alike."