The Pashley challenge

A traditional, home-grown company best loved for their premium, and elegantly British, bicycles.

Pashley are a cherished British bicycle company who are best known for their traditional and elegant bicycle designs. The addition of their accessories has heightened the desirability for these much loved bicycles and created an opportunity to extend their online presence with an ecommerce site. Gibe and Pashley agreed that the main objectives would be to boost revenue and ecommerce success as well as to create an elegant and engaging web presence that will highlight the growing Pashley brand.

The design

As an accessories site, it was important that the design aligned with the existing site resulting in a sleek, traditional and distinctively British appearance.

On the homepage the images within the rotating hero slideshow are linked to a specific products supported by Javascript zoom technology allowing the user to further browse the bag or jacket being viewed.

The solution

Gibe implemented a bespoke ecommerce platform utilising the product zoom feature and category tabs detailing extensive information about the product's fabric. 

The aim was to create an engaging user experience and encourage sales by allowing users to explore the products in more detail. The easy to use content management system ensured that site administrators were able to regularly update product information.


The easy to use Umbraco content management system ensured that customers were able to regularly update product information providing more relevant content for users to explore. 

Users browse a range of beautiful accessories in a pure Pashley brand experience. The user experience is clean and simple balanced against a traditional design to portray the heritage of the brand itself.

The result

After launch, the new Pashley site experienced outstanding growth of 133% in transactions and a huge 146% increase in turnover.