Umbraco Link Picker

We recently released a package to the Umbraco community. Find out more about our Umbraco Link Picker for Umbraco 7.

The Umbraco Link Picker is a simple backoffice property editor for the Umbraco CMS (for version 7.x - Belle).

I created the package as we often need either an internal or external link for a content node for CMS websites.

Since it is possible to create custom property editors using the AngularJS framework in Umbraco 7, we wanted to try and build better experiences for content editors.

What does it do?

The Link Picker is a simple alternative to the existing Content Picker in Umbraco 7, which lets you pick an internal node or external URL.


To install the Umbraco Link Picker Package, simple follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install the package from our.umbraco:
  2. Create a new DataType in the Developer tab in your Umbraco project, referencing "Link Picker" (alias: "Gibe.LinkPicker")
  3. Add the new DataType to your Document Types to use the Link Picker

Get involved

This project is open for collaboration, so please help improve this project on GitHub.

About the Author

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Karl Tynan, Senior Front End Developer

Karl is our Senior Front End Developer, looking after our HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He is also a keen Umbraco developer, regularly contributing to the local Umbraco meetups at umBristol.