Travel websites continue to see a growth in Mobile traffic

A recent research piece from Nucleus indicates that mobile traffic for Luxury travel sites will reach 30% of all traffic by the end of 2013.

Currently of the 10 luxury travel sites that they review with a total user base of 2.20m, more than half are experiencing more than 20% traffic from mobiles with the highest achieving 26.55%. This is matched by strong figures for general browsing from smart devices of 56.5% for UK residents.

IOS based devices lead the way with Android and Rim in a poor 2nd and 3rd place. Tablet devices are gaining pace with 3.5% share in use and growing which indicates that mobile only versions of websites won't be enough in the coming years to match consumer’s requirements.

Solutions that exist at present are device based sites, Applications and responsive designed sites.

Gibe Digital are experts in all solutions and would be happy to talk about your needs.

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