The user-friendly, splurge worthy app for leading online fashion retailer, ASOS

It's not everyday that I will frivolously part with my money on an app, the familiar user experience that I associate parting with large sums of money is often associated with numerous tabs open whilst sat a desktop with a credit card and a notepad. I then installed the ASOS app and it all changed.

It feels like the ASOS ecommerce app is one of the best thought-out women's fashion apps available at the moment; it's free, it's quick to use, and although there are a couple of things in working progress, ASOS can be forgiven for its multitude of great things which make up for it. ASOS also offer the Daily Edit and Fashion chunk apps designed by Nimbletank.

The app is great because it is effortless, the landing page uses the main website's homepage banners and is instantly recognisable as ASOS. There are few and necessary steps before arriving at a product page ensuring I can access the collection without anything hindering me in what I want to get out of the app.

Firstly the menu layout is simple and easy to navigate, it instantly presents you with the opportunity to select your browsing by gender, an easy and baffle-free process which begins the user journey throughout the app.

As I select the "New in: Category", I am faced with a clear product listing which I can even customise if I want to see more or less products on the screen. The star button below each image refers to the "Save for Later" functionality, which is a great technique in getting users coming back to the site. But I'm reassured that if I don't find the products I want just by browsing this window then I can easily hit search and find the products.

The product page is the most exciting bit yet - I can scroll across all the product images by touching the screen and dragging to the left. If I scroll down I can easily locate all the product details followed by the "Add to Bag" call to action, so bright and appealing it is difficult to avoid making that impulsive purchase.

The ASOS app isn't just great for shopping; any other customer service queries can be handled in the "More" section, which provides ample services and information for any serial ASOS shopper. The app is refreshing as it does not over complicate things. It tackles a site that has an extensive product catalogue with two search features both on the landing page and bottom toolbar. Finally, it takes me minimal time and effort to reach my products which are displayed in a nice and attractively simple way. Even the least tech-savvy fashionistas will be using this in no time.

Download the app from the Apple store (only available on Apple products, no Android equivalent annoyingly!)

23rd April 2013 - Update

There has been a relaunch of the mobile version of the ASOS desktop site in the last couple of days and in order to see how it now works please take a look at Econsultancy's review here. There is still no Android or Windows app available.

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