The argument for responsive design just got stronger

The move towards responsive web design websites is well documented. However, the techniques involved are less understood. The variety of design is similar to the variety of general layout for sites and there are now some best practice coming through but without one way of achieving results.

The argument against responsive design usually revolves around the lack of understanding about the proliferation of devices that are non-standard in comparison to traditional desktops. Most marketers will respect the need for mobile optimisation particularly when working in industry sectors within the B2C sector. Even in this sector there is still no standard size to fit your site due to the new models appearing on the market.

A new study from HIS isupply estimates that 17 million 7inch tablets were shipped world-wide in 2011 and this is due to quadruple in 2013 to 67 million. Add to this the volume of smartphone sales, IPads, wide-screen desktop monitors and you can quickly see that like the Republican Party the established demographic is moving firmly away from the old standard.

So how and when do you make your move?

Review your analytics and make sure you are reviewing the patterns of visitors from mobile devices and the on-the-page analytics for where the majority of views actually interact with your site. Once users reach 15% from other devices our advice would be to start the process of discovery and develop your site to match the increasing needs of your users. Discuss how to achieve this with your in-house team/agency to understand where the experience lies and invest in the best solution before you risk alienating your audience with poor design.

As with all web design put the user at the centre of your thoughts and understand what is important to them when they are using the different devices. A consumer at home will likely be seeking more information and content, whereas the user on the move is looking for location details and price comparison.

Responsive design can help with personalised engagement and stretches the creative muscles of everyone involved which should bring out the best in everyone!

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