Team GIbe do the CHSW Colour run...

Ever wondered what it felt like to have a load of powder paint thrown in your face on a hot Summer's day? Well you're in luck, because that's exactly what we did on Saturday 22nd June at the Bristol Downs all for Children's Hospice South West.

The event had an amazing turn out with what looked like a couple of thousand people crowding around Ladies Mile at the Bristol Downs ready to start. The run really had a Race for Life feel about it, something in the way people were just lying down with their friends and family before the race or wiggling along to the warm up as a presenter revved up the crowds made it feel surprisingly relaxed (a rare feeling for any kind of race day I've participated in before!)

Here's a team shot of us ready and raring to go - Vicky and Mike were honorary team Gibers for the day! Notice our little mascot, Harry? At just 3 weeks old, the latest addition to the Williams' family came and supported us!

I've never seen so much white clothing before.. 

Baby Harry with mummy Laura - we think Harry's new baby gro is possibly the best piece of baby clothing on the market. 

The run was really good, despite a slow start due to race strollers in the first mile we we managed to pick up pace for the 2 miles. We all finished within 28:00-28:40 mins which was amazing considering the heat on the day! The heat was the real challenge, it wasn't *all* fun and games, please help us with our fundraising efforts - you still have time! Our charity page can be found here.

So I suppose you want some juicy post-race photos? Well, it's safe to say we all got pretty messy after running through the colour stations. There were some particularly cruel powder paint throwers who timed a powder paint lob just so the impact smacked the side of your face (not powder paint table..) One very useful piece of advice for anyone doing a colour/rainbow run soon - make sure your mouth is closed in the face of a powder paint thrower!

Still feeling energetic we mastered the jumping shot. Thanks to Laura's epic photography skills we captured *this* special moment!

We did this race in aid of Children's Hopsice South West - you can donate here.

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