Review: Cherry Duck Bistro

Recently we welcomed our new Developer, Jake, to the Gibe Digital team. We went to the Cherry Duck Bistro in Bristol. Here is our review...

Our new web developer, Jake, was treated to a lunch with the team at the Cherry Duck Bistro in Bristol. With an excellent choice of food and drink on the menu, we were very excited to try this newly established bistro.

Cherry Duck

Decisions, decisions

Very impressed by the choice, we were salivating at the idea of bagels, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and plenty of duck-based foods. We would, however, have liked to have seen some more duck on the menu. Some of the table struggled to choose and some already knew what they wanted, but that is all part of the fun of eating out!

With table water and drinks ordered, we set to picking out our lunch. Some of the table went for chicken burgers, others went for salads, and some went for baguettes.

The burgers arrived first and were served, surprisingly, on sesame-toasted bagels with a side salad and potato wedges. This made a welcome change from chips. The salads looked stunning and tasty, albeit on the most complicated looking plate ever conceived.


The staff were very attentive and fun to chat to.

The food looked impressive, but the taste was nothing to shout about. That would be our general feeling. We have had many good burgers and salads out and about in Bristol, none of which seem any worse than the Cherry Duck Bistro.

For the price, we would have expected a little more "wow factor" with the food. But it was good, honest food.

Rating: 7/10 - good but could have been better.

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