Pictures from #umBristol

Last night, Gibe Digital hosted the #umBristol meetup. Here are some pictures of some the talks last night.

Last night, as you may know, Gibe Digital hosted the July #umBristol meetup. The meetup is aimed at Bristol (and nearby) developers who have a keen interest in Umbraco.

We have been using Umbraco for a while now and thought it would be worth hosting the event to get involved with this community of developers.

Here are some pictures of some the talks last night.

Great turn out for umBristol

Above: Great turn out for umBristol, the biggest event yet!

Lee Kelleher introducing the event

Above: Lee Kelleher introduces the event and talks for the evening.

Lee Kelleher reviews Codegarden 2013

Above: Looking back at Codegarden 2013, Lee shows us the event in detail.

Steve talks about Umbraco security

Above: Gibe's very own Steve talks about Umbraco and .NET security issues.

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