NPS 2020

We’re always keen to learn what our clients and our own team think about Gibe, so in 2020 we ran our first Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. The results were really positive! If you’re not familiar with NPS, it’s a standard way of measuring what customers and colleagues think. It asks people to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 0-10. The results are broken down into promoters vs detractors. This gives you a score on a scale of -100 to +100 – anything above 0 is considered good, and obviously anything close to 100 is amazing!

What our clients said?

How likely are you to recommend Gibe’s services – NPS 88
We were over the moon with this feedback from our clients!

How would you rate our out of hours support service – NPS 71
Again, another massive score considering 0 is considered good!

For recommending GibeCommerce (our eCommerce platform) and Umbraco (our favoured CMS of which we are an Umbraco Gold Partner) our clients gave us a score of 43. Still brilliant! With further review this score was a little lower than it could be because some clients don’t use the tools! After filtering out those users, the score was even higher!

We asked what our clients thought with follow up questions and received some great feedback:

  • "Great team to work with. Very knowledge and flexible with our requirements."
  • "We have received excellent support throughout our first project with Gibe and have been very impressed with the technical knowledge."
  • “Umbraco and GibeCommerce very easy to use.”

Understandably, not all feedback was positive. We’ve learnt a lot and will be working with the team and clients to see if we can improve perception more when we repeat in 2021. We plan to make GibeCommerce even better, maintain our high standards and raise the bar further and be even more creative and proactive with ideas to help our clients.


"Gibe respect and reward your performance and work. Lovely office, no hierarchy and can speak openly to each other, company culture, working from home, social call on Thursday, socials and company trip, working from home and the bonus pay, great clients."

We asked our team similar questions…

How satisfied are you with how Gibe has handled the Covid situation this year? - NPS 93
A fantastic score! It really is a wonderfully safe company to work for.

How satisfied are you with the benefits of working for Gibe? - NPS 57
Another high score, but with room to make it even better.

The feedback was mostly positive, and we have already responded to constructive criticism and much was related to 2020 being a challenging year with a lot of change.

  • “Gibe respect and reward your performance and work, lovely office, no hierarchy and can speak openly to each other, company culture, working from home, social call on Thursday, socials and company trip, working from home and the bonus pay, great clients”
  • “I’ve been at Gibe for 5 years and have a lot of fun. My career has progressed and I’ve been supported at every-step. Our clients are friendly and the work is interesting.”

Each time we do our NPS we’re learning more about it. It’s similar to user experience surveys in that you have to be careful how you word questions so as not to lead any answers and also to make sure your participants are clear what you are asking them to score on! “Would you recommend Gibe’s services to friends and colleagues” can be taken very literally… most of my mates cannot afford or would need a technically bespoke website like Gibe would produce!

In summary

The great thing about NPS is it’s anonymous, and measurable. It’s always a positive thing to reflect on what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. If you can’t learn from your mistakes, you’re doing something very wrong. We know we’re not perfect, but we’re doing a pretty good job happily striving towards it. Our clients and team have a great view of Gibe and we will always make efforts to improve that. We believe there is no such thing as bad feedback… unless you ignore it!

About the Author

Hugh Parr-Burman, Head of Production

Hugh is our Head of Production with over 15 years of experience in the digital and marketing sector. He's passionate about great project delivery and loves the "big picture" view as well as getting stuck into the fine detail.