It's all about the brand, with Polish fashion store, House.

I take a look at the power of creating an edgy and unique Fashion brand using video and interaction...

Fashion sites often blur together in the way they approach web design, the top designer brands always seem to go for the white, blocky, minimal 'white canvas' feel to best display their clothing. On the other end of the spectrum, high street shops are straight forward ecommerce sites with a layout which instantly draws you to product listings. There doesn't seem to be much differentiation between some of the popular high street based chains at times.. For me, the Polish based brand, House, seems to strike a great balance between showing off the product all the while pushing the brand and inspiring their users. 

I was surprised to see the prices of their clothes were in the sort of H&M category (a tshirt is £7 and a hoodie gets up to £20), considering the "E-store" is the last link at the end of the navigation I explored and exhausted the look book and other aspects of the site even before venturing near a 'BUY NOW' sign.

The House site really encourages you to scroll absent mindedly and indulge upon the stunning urban imagery that the site has to offer. If you scroll down on the homepage you come face to face with blog articles which is themed heavily by the urban but stylish young persona.

If you go the Campaign section, the fun begins. The video that automatically starts playing is tastefully done and starts automatically - but stops the moment you begin to scroll down, nice touch. It then takes you on a journey based on the time spans of the day, On the third slide down and you can click on the  thumbnails down the left hand side, sounds really simple but I like the interactive aspects. It means that you still have control over some aspects of the site rather than just watching it like an unknowing victim of loads of media played automatically.

At the bottom of the campaign we get taken to the look books which are divided up into a grid which slices one image in each slide. If you move your mouse over one image you can scroll up and down the zoomed image which is a different and unexpected but nice touch..

At this point I'm starting to think, cool videos, edgy models, nice clothes..where do I buy? Suddenly before I know it, I'm about to order a suitcase-full of clothes from reality this is yet to happen but the brand has well and truly set in my memory. I love that House embraced the identity of the target consumer (men and women, from 18-30yrs) so much so, that their website inspires a lifestyle and creates a number of reasons for the user to come back if not just to buy the products.




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