Is Shazam the new QR code?

The QR code hasn't really taken off in the mainstream, even though companies are still trying to push them. But has Shazam taken over as the new QR code?

I was in Florida a couple of years ago and noticed something quite interesting on TV adverts in America...

In the top corner of a lot of the TV adverts, especially for cars, the Shazam logo was displayed with the instruction to use Shazam to find out more.

I thought this was very clever. No need to remember a website address to type in your smartphone or computer, just Shazam the advert soundtrack and get directed to more information about the product being advertised.

Shazam on adverts, QR codes in disguise?

Did you like the Transformers reference? Maybe not...

But then I got thinking again (dangerous, I know), is Shazam on adverts the same as a QR code in a magazine or billboard?

Maybe it will die out like QR codes (see this funny blog about people scanning QR codes for a good laugh) or maybe it will be a new trend for 2014.

One thing is for sure, America has been doing this for some time now and we seem to be a little behind in using technology to our advantage for driving traffic to our products and services online!

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