iPhone vs Nokia Lumia - challenge over

A sad day as the Nokia Lumia, that I had purchased to potentially replace my iPhone, has to be returned due to a faulty handset after 2 days. But did I learn anything about the Windows Phone and would I purchase a new handset?

So, if you have mostly been aware (see previous blog post), I swapped my iPhone 4S for a Nokia Lumia 800 to see if I could live with another device for one month.

Unfortunately, the Nokia Lumia 800 handset was faulty and would not recharge. I had tried using the mains, USB and multiple chargers. Nokia have advised that the handset was most likely faulty and should be returned to the seller, which is what I am doing right now - returning the Nokia.

I admit, this has never happened to any iOS device I have owned in the past, but I do know the horror stories of people who have had nothing put trouble. And Nokia assure me this is not common.

Game over?

Because the retailer doesn't have another handset, I am forced to take a refund and live on with the iPhone.

But I found the Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia 800 exciting and a very good contender to replace the iPhone (even though I only had one for a few hours).

Some good news...

One thing that surprised me during my "lending" of a Nokia Lumia 800 - I spent nearly 48 hours without a mobile phone. Whilst I was trying to get it charging, I was disconnected from the mobile world... and it never felt better!

I admit I like mobile phones, but for 48 hours I didn't have to worry about text messages, phone calls, updating Twitter or Facebook on-the-go, what was in my calendar for the afternoon, and it felt great. There was no distraction whilst waiting in a queue at the bank. No alternatives but to talk to someone over lunch instead of reading news and tweets. No hiding behind a text message as I walk down the road.

So if anything became clear from this challenge, it is this... I think I could live happily without a mobile phone.

I didn't think I would say that after this challenge.

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