I like the iPhone. And I like the Nokia Lumia. But which is better?

I have had several versions of the iPhone, including my current iPhone 4S handset. Now, I am going to try and live with a Nokia Lumia 800 for one month to see how it compares. At the end of the trial I will be recycling the losing device.

I am not afraid to admit that I like Apple devices. I haven't always, but in recent years I have had two iPhones, the new iPad, a MacBook Pro and the first iPod Touch.

But after seeing the new iPhone 5, I was (like many) disappointed and bored with the stale design and experience. It just doesn't seem fresh. I remember when getting a new phone meant spending a few days finding out all about the phone, where the games were stored, what ringtones it had and just the excitement of something new. The continuous similarities of the iPhone operating system and design have caused me to get bored.

So, I am putting the iPhone to one side and taking up a competitor - the Nokia Lumia.

The challenge

I have purchased a (new) Nokia Lumia 800 handset online and will be using this for one month to see how it compares to my current iPhone 4s.

At the end of the challenge, I will be recycling one of the phones. The losing device will be sold on and the winner will remain in my pocket... until the next big thing comes along!

But what about the new Nokia Lumia?

I know there is a newer version of the Nokia Lumia, and an even newer version is coming out later this year, but I want to experience the Windows Phone environment and see how I get on without the App Store and iOS. Purchasing a cheaper model will allow me to do this at a relatively small cost.

Stay tuned for an update and the final decision as to which phone I will be keeping! You can keep track of my progress with @karltynan on Twitter.

I like the iPhone. And I like the Nokia Lumia. But which is better? There is only one way to find out...

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