How was Cyber Monday for you?

The national picture was good and Gibe's clients did particularly well over the Black Friday/Mega Monday weekend. But just how good?

The snow has settled, so to speak, on what was billed as the biggest online shopping weekend on record.

We had punch ups over tellies on Black Friday and bank hiccups on Mega/Cyber (will someone please decide which it is) on Monday.

A number of reports have emerged as to how successful it was for retailers with E-marketer reporting an increase in online traffic of 30% and mobile by 55%.

Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer has also published results of 4.1M sales up .1 of a million on Black Friday with sales peaking at 9.22pm.

In comparison the IMRG reports that 9 out of 10 of their members feel that the best shopping days are still to come with Sean McKee of Schuh sighting their own data as evidence of a surge later in the month. Latest data seems to indicate that the 9th of December might have surpassed the 2nd with Experian reporting 120 million website hits up 3.6% on the 2nd.

For Gibe Digital clients we saw average increases in traffic of 65.08% and sales of 240%. These results go to show just what can be achieved when both the marketing team and an agency such as ourselves work together to make e-commerce the best it can be. We will continue to monitor these metrics over the coming weeks and report back in January with further results on the month of December.

Did you see a pick up in traffic and sales? Are you expecting better results closer to Christmas? Is all of this just nonsense and hype? we would love to know what you think, so tweet us and we will include your comments in our new year round up.

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John Williams, Sales and Marketing

John was once a client who joined the Gibe team for several years to help us with sales and marketing. He left Gibe to return to the world of freelance marketing and is once again a wonderful client for Gibe.