Glastonbury-goer? Don't miss any acts this year with the new Glasto app

Calling all Glastonbury goers of 2013, there is a new app developed by EE which helps you pick and organise the bands you're going to be ticking off over the weekend.

For the super organised sorts, like myself, you will LOVE how much this app gets you thinking ahead about clashes and timing in the all important beer and food pit stops in between each band. 

How it works...

The app has a really nice user friendly design and is dead simple to use. All of the bands for each stage are listed for reference, you can filter your search by stage and then you can highlight your choices with a star which in turn adds your band to your (soon to be) hectic band schedule. 

For the super music fan this is an absolute must, the only flaw is that, EE are also in charge of the recharge tent where you will end up spending ALL your time if you bring your smartphone along. So unless you trust yourself with a smartphone in a massive field after a few pints AND have infinite battery life then it's unlikely this app will accompany you throughout the weekend.

The app uses a left to right scroll which allows you to examine each time slot carefully and considerately. You don't want to be seeing Django Django when Foals are playing - and this app illustrates this...

Something for everyone...

So we've identified the super organised schedule type of people, but for those people who couldn't navigate a lost person down a one way road (the liabilities) the app brings to you a clever, interactive map which you can zoom in and out of to identify where you are in relation to the stages (and friends). This is actually a great idea, and if it wasn't for the limited battery life of a smartphone it would actually be a feature that I would use if I needed to get to some obscure stage in a last minute rush to see Thom Yorke do a surprise gig.  Note: this app certainly won't help you find your tent at the end of a night.

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