Gibe try painting in the dark!

Gibe try painting in the dark!

Gibe try painting in the dark!

Are you ready to paint the town... in the dark? Recently, the Gibe team embarked on a thrilling artistic adventure at the Paint in the Dark Experience in Bristol

The Paint in the Dark Experience only takes place once a month in Bristol, which is known for its creativity and eclectic art scene. The Paint in the Dark offers a unique twist on the traditional painting experience. Imagine stepping into a darkened room, armed with fluorescent paints and brushes, ready to unleash your inner artist under ultraviolet lights.

Our company social at Paint in the Dark was a night to remember. As we entered the darkened room studio, we were greeted by friendly staff members who guided us through the process and provided all the materials we needed. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as we donned our aprons and prepared to dive into the world of glow-in-the-dark art.

As the session began, laughter and conversation filled the room as we navigated through the darkness, experimenting with colours and techniques we couldn't quite see. It was time to let our imaginations run wild. From abstract designs to paintings of evil ducks everyone embraced the opportunity to express themselves on canvas in a whole new light – quite literally! The experience sparked lively conversations and laughter as we marveled at each other's creations taking shape under the UV glow.

As the evening drew to a close, we gathered around to admire each other's masterpieces illuminated under the ultraviolet lights.

If you'd like to try painting in the dark find out more by visiting their website here

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