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There are so many different screen sizes for mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops that it can difficult to keep track and really deliver a tailored experience to as many devices as possible. There is a simple website that tells you everything you need to know... and more!

Do you know what the screen size is for the Galaxy SIII at 200% pixel density? Do you know how popular it is?

What about the iPhone 5 screen size in landscape at 200% pixel density?

Answered no? Then you need some help... fast!

Don't worry, help is here!

No need to panic - not all developers or marketing departments know the ratio of the iPhone 5 versus the iPhone 4s.

Instead, all you need is to refer to

What is is a website (and a play on words) that gives you detailed information about different screen sizes for the most common mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices available to your user market.

You can find out about:

  • Mobile and tablet operating systems
  • Physical device screen sizes
  • Pixel widths and heights
  • Pixel device widths
  • Screen resolution (pixels per inch, or PPI)
  • Pixel density (HDPI, XHDPI etc.)
  • Screen aspect ratio
  • Popularity of device 1

No longer do you have to lookup the screen sizes for different devices on different websites to define a specification or technical brief for your next project. has everything you need to know.

1 The popularity of the device is generated based on Google queries (from AdWords traffic estimator), and some "fuzzy math", all explained at

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