ComScore UK Digital Report for 2013

If you haven't already seen the latest report from ComScore on the current picture of the UK digital landscape then you can view the report.

Click here to view the report. 

ComScore is a leading amalgamator of data from their own and partners research across a variety of topics relating to digital activity. They provide a snapshot of the current market allowing marketers to gain an insight into the emerging digital space. It's definitely worth a read however if you want our highlights then the following statistic stand out.

  • A third of all page views are now on either smartphone or tablet
  • 9 out of 10 consumers online shop via PC, 1 in 5 via mobile
  • Asia is the largest audience followed by Europe and then US
  • Russia is the fastest growth sector in Europe
  • UK users are online for an average of 37.3 hours per month
  • 51-49% split Male and Female
  • 25-34 year olds are the 2nd largest demographic after 55+
  • UK smartphone audience reaches 31.7 million
  • Google continues to take market share from Symbian and maintain its dominance, iOS grows incrementally as does windows to 3.8%
  • Up to 6 million tablet and smartphone users in the UK
  • Search for beauty/fashion/style grows 27%, consumer goods grow 32%
  • Google captures 91% of the UK search market
  • iPhone users are twice as likely to shop via their mobile

All this backs up the increasing noise from industry leaders, including ourselves that the market is definitely moving towards a variety of devices with smartphone/tablet use on the up and here to stay. The digital market is the only area for a number of industries where there is continuous growth and to ignore the market sector is commercial suicide.

Major players such as Amazon, Google, Facebook continue to dominate without signs of loosing ground. Newer players such Pinterest, reddit etc have their place however can sometimes just be a distraction as they have very short shelf-lives.

2013 will be the year of at the very least multiple channel marketing across the digital spectrum if not Omni-channel. If this turns into a 'Omni-shambles' then marketers will probably be relieved to go back to traditional channels however consumers will loose trust and interest in the mundane. Data will drive all new activity and we will see a new bread of data miners who specialise in manipulating data to provide personalised marketing touch points and deliver messages to consumers about their lives that verge on being psychic!

For more ideas about what is going to happen in 2013 review our blog Ecommerce trends in 2013 and to find out if the data miners will find you try the Utopia test.

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