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Every year, hundreds of dedicated Umbraco fans visit Copenhagen, Denmark, for an annual conference of like-minded individuals to learn and share knowledge of the ever popular content management system (CMS).

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It is that time of year again when hundreds of dedicated Umbraco lovers head to Copenhagen, Denmark for an annual conference, Codegarden, organised by the HQ behind the much loved content management system (CMS).

What is Umbraco?

For those who do not know, Umbraco is an open source CMS that runs on the .NET framework.

It is one of our preferred CMS to work with at Gibe Digital, as it allows us to create a bespoke front end and give a valuable, user friendly experience for content editors.

What is Codegarden?

Codegarden is an annual conference organised by the Umbraco HQ team. It is a conference that brings together a daytime conference and evening entertainment. 

With sessions throughout the day, alongside workshops for a more detailed learning experience, the conference also provides entertainment and social gathering in the evenings for its hosts, speakers and guests.

In previous years, there have been boat trips with beer and fun, a great way to let your hair down after a hard day of learning and a great way to meet new friends in the industry!

There is also the annual Umbraco bingo and dinner night, which marries Umbraco-lingo bingo with very unconventional prizes... an Umbraco toasty maker, a holiday to Gran Canaria, and even an Umbraco tattoo to name a few!

What are we looking forward to?

Steve and myself are going to be attending this years conference and we are both looking forward to picking and choosing between sessions from the two tracks: "use case" and "technical".

Our Umbraco friend and umBristol organiser, Lee Kelleher, is teaming up with Matt Brailsford to talk about "How to Develop a Killer Package".

The technical minded of you, like Steve, will also be keen to visit talks about "Umbraco Load Balancing" and "Securing Your Umbraco".

There are also plenty of other talks that will capture our eyes and ears too!

When does it start?

The conference is from 10-12 June 2015, but it sold out fast! We are heading out to Copenhagen on Tuesday evening to socialise and meet the Umbraco folk prior to the conference.

It is going to be a great week of talks and socialising, taking us nicely up to the weekend.

Until then, see you at Codegarden or when we get home!


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Karl Tynan, Senior Front End Developer

Karl is our Senior Front End Developer, looking after our HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He is also a keen Umbraco developer, regularly contributing to the local Umbraco meetups at umBristol.