Clay pigeon shooting on the Gibe Christmas social 2012!

Clay pigeon shooting, Christmas dinner, Clifton and (two) bottle of Champers! Reliving a great day/night with a blog post...

As a special Christmas treat for the crew, we hopped into a minibus to go clay pigeon shooting in Clevedon. Unaware of just how competitive the team are, the journey going into Cleveden was much more amicable than the journey coming back. Regardless of who reached the podium positions, it was safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves.

After a dramatic transformation from the ladies, and a couple of bottles of champers courtesy of Pete and Steve we kick started the celebrations in Clifton. A big Christmas dinner followed at the Clifton Sausage (thanks for having us - not as rowdy as other tables!)

So... how many days until Christmas 2013?

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