Brisbane to Bristol was a long commute on a scooter...

I'm Jake, the newbie at Gibe and a British original who's recently been re-imported from Brisbane in Australia. We'd been away from the UK for too long and out of all the places to live, Bristol won hands down.

So far, it's been great - I've been at Gibe for a couple of weeks and they've already scooped up an award, got me working on some really interesting and exciting projects, taken me to the pub and got me baking for the first time in a long time (the best so far according to Karl, feeling quite chuffed with my bad self).

I cut my teeth with the Bristol bus service today... Not too bad, 20 minutes door to door. The long term plan is to get my much loved Vespa scooter back on the road, which'll be interesting as it's been in my mum's garage for the last 8 years (the one year trip down under turned into a longer than planned stay).

So if you see someone looking confused and lost, scooting around Bristol on a slightly aged Vespa ET2 with black smoke pouring from the exhaust, desperately trying to negotiate one way streets and bus lanes (some of which I can drive in?!) in a vain effort to get to work on time, feel free to shout and point me in the right direction ;)

Have a good one!

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Jake Williamson, Developer

Jake was one of our C# developers. With many years of experience, Jake joined the team to help support our Umbraco and .NET service offering. He has since turned freelance. He's often a familiar returning face in our office and we'd highly recommend his services.