Baowow! Or baowhimper?

One of Bristol's latest eateries is Baowow on Baldwin Street and as we are always interested in food and the best places to get lunch in the area we gave it a try.

Bao or bun as we would call it is a steamed bun made from yeast, baking powder and leavening which produces a dense but fine bread like texture. Steve had the Duck Duck Bao and as much as we ooed and ahhed at the look it was gone in about 15 seconds flat and left Steve seriously considering a second portion. We reckon a double bun would be more suitable and offer small eaters something to share and the rest of us a feeling of satisfaction.

I went for the roast pork noodle soup with added chilli. The pork was delicate and tasty and the beansprouts, spring onions, coriander etc were all fresh and created an excellent lunchtime dishes full on flavour and goodness.

The bar has a fine selection of soft drinks from the orient and I can recommend lemon & kalamansi or the green tea.

As they add to their offering I can see this place becoming a regular haunt particularly as the noodles and a drink are a meal deal for a £5. This is the top end of our  budget so just gets in to our reviews.

We give them 7/10 for quality and flavour, and a 6 for value for money.

Visit Baowow online or call 0117 329 0581 for more information.

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