A great idea for a skillswap service

When working on development projects, sharing skills and knowledge is critical to personal development. Skill Swap is a clever use of Twitter to do just that!

Developers often like to sit in their bedrooms and play around with code and new technologies. Other developers like to read books and blog posts instead.

Please welcome Skillswap

Skillswap is a clever use of the Twitter API to get shared knowledge exchanges.

You could enter that you need help with HTML or CSS, and in return you could provide some design assistance or user experience feedback.

I run a group in Bristol for front end developers to talk and present their knowledge and skills to like-minded individuals.

This tool is an excellent extension to that approach, bringing together developers and creatives through Twitter that was previously hash-tagged #lazyweb outside the formal environment of talks and presentations.

And instead of just being "lazy" and asking for help and getting it, Skillswap gives the individual the opportunity to share some knowledge or skills back!

About the Author

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Karl Tynan, Senior Front End Developer

Karl is our Senior Front End Developer, looking after our HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He is also a keen Umbraco developer, regularly contributing to the local Umbraco meetups at umBristol.