6 reasons why you should go to Bavarian Beerhouse

Nearly a year down the line since the opening of Bristol's Bavarian Beerhouse, we take a trip down memory lane for that memorable event and reflect on the 6 top reasons for getting down to the beerhouse..

1. An authentic wheat beer (or 6)

After a series of lucky competition entries, we felt extremely privileged (and relieved) to have our names on the guestlist for the opening night in Bristol. As good guests, we were at the Beerhouse by 6pm ready for the night to begin. 

Table service at the Beerhouse means you don't have to worry about long queues, we received quite a few of these Erdingers before stocks ran dry (surprise, surprise!) and we moved out onto the Stouts and sambuca (not recommended).

2. You might bump into a celebrity.

A few days prior to the opening, the guest celebrity for the event was revealed as Al Murray. Al's the kind of guy you'd invite to play a drinking game, so we did but unfortunately he was on his best behaviour. He was lovely and took the time to chat to all of us and have photos taken. 

3. You might *become* a celebrity

Since the opening, we have been used for various promotional purposes including social media campaigns aswell as printed leaflets. A picture of KP and Steve in the BorisBeerhouse stein costume got tweeted to to 2,800 followers earlier this year!

Mum and Dad would be so proud...

5. A Community police officer might come running in for the Benny Hill theme tune

The live band provided some fantastic entertainment, cue the Benny Hill theme tune. We obviously had to get involved with this run around but we were surprised to see a passing by community police officer join us too! 

 5. You get to dress up and dance on tables.

Olivia twisted a few arms to wear one of the Bavarian Beerhouse waitress dresses, please note the enthusiastic hand clapping by revellers in the background. Think that might be when Al was downing a pint, like I said, best behaviour.

6. You will have an incredible night.

Thankyou for having us - prost!

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